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Transform Trauma: Into fuel to power your life and dreams

These days there's lots to traumatize you. If you've suffered trauma in the past - no matter what the cause - current trauma makes things worse. I think of it as a filing cabinet. You deal with whatever bad happened - file it away so to speak. You find ways to move forward even though you've been hurt in the past. Then wham!! something else bad happens and it all erupts again.

Is there something lately or for a long time that you’ve been pushing down mentally, physically, or emotionally that gets in the way of feeling good? Would you like to discover simple ways to resolve trauma that’s trapped inside? Is it finally time to transform pain from past injuries into fuel to power your life and dreams instead of carrying around that exhausting burden?

What you’ll learn in this powerful handbook:

The Healing Sound to release fear

Discover the six essential steps to transform trauma:

1. Resource

2. Naming problem

3. Curious exploration

4. Noticing good

5. Discharge

6. Integration

And finally as a Bonus download Smile Into Distress (if you haven't already), wisdom from the ancients applied to modern times. In this 15 minute MP3 audio program you will be guided on a journey Inside to uncover and transform painful trapped trauma.

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