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Dr. Linda's 5 Fold Path to Bliss
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Not only is bliss this feeling of perfect happiness or joy, it is a biochemical and neurologic state of being in your body. Taking the time and effort to look after your health is more than just nutrition and chiropractic but also in your mind. Lucky for us, bliss is something that you can train yourself to experience just by following a few simple steps I call my 5 Fold Path To Bliss.


The 5 Fold Path To Bliss came to me one night as I was sitting by my bedside trying to figure out how I could help people alleviate suffering and elevate their well-being. Here are the 5 steps I came up with that night:

1. Eliminate what's irritating you

2. Nourish yourself

3. Accept yourself

4. Use your natural resources

5. Love yourself as well as others

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