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Strengthen Your Immune System 

Strengthen your immune system 2020 radio interview Dr. Linda Berry
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KPFA Dr. Linda Berry InterviewDr. Linda Berry
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How’s your mental health holding up as we continue to shelter in place? Did you get a chance to recognize MayDay 2020? Join 1st Monday of the month host, Vylma V, as she takes a look at what happened during Friday’s May Day 2020 recognitions across the Bay and also takes calls with her guest, Dr. Linda Berry as they discuss trauma and healing in the age of Corona.

A personal note from Dr. Linda after the interview ...


**One the callers who has bipolar disorder asked what she can do to support her mental health during sheltering in place. In addition to the recommendation you’ll hear on this recording, I would like to add a nutritional recommendation. There’s evidence that increasing Omega 3 fats can help the biochemical imbalance associated with bipolar disorder up to 9grams per day. That’s a lot! If you’re not taking any, I recommend Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega-D3 Sport.

Start taking 2 per day and increase gradually to up to 9 per day if needed to balance your mood. If you buy 2 bottles you’ll get free shipping and regardless of how many you buy, you’ll receive a 10% discount.


Go here to create your personal account. You can also purchase all the supplements you take at Doctor quality on this site or just the Ultimate Omega-D3 Sport.

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Dr. Linda Berry Fullscript Vitamnins and suppliments for health


 " That was a great interview.  You addressed the listeners questions and provided them intelligent,  workable solutions.  Very impressive! I think you will receive positive feedback from listeners,  followers  and new clients! 




- Stephanie 

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