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Trauma Healing

Dr. Linda's Transform Your Trauma: Into Fuel to Power Your Life and Dreams is available to download via the Products page 

Trauma Healing Dr. Linda Berry


Stress Reduction

Stress is bad when it doesn’t stop. You know it wears you down mentally, emotionally, and physically. How can you get ahead when the stress bomb keeps chasing you? There is a way as unique as you. You deserve to find peace, and ease, and joy. We work together to create massive defense against stress while rebuilding your foundation of mental, physical, and emotional well-being. 

Is there something you’ve been pushing down mentally, physically, or emotionally that interferes with feeling good?

Would you like to discover simple ways to resolve trauma that’s trapped inside?

Is it finally time to transform pain from past injuries  into fuel to power your life and dreams instead of continuing to carry around that exhausting burden?


What you’ll learn In Transform Trauma to power your life and dreams:

The Healing Sound to release fear.

What do you do when your life is shattered?


Discover the six essential steps to transform your trauma:


1. Resource

2. Naming problem

3. Curious exploration

4. Noticing good

5. Discharge

6. Integration

If you would like to book a virtual / In person consultation with Dr. Linda please click here 

Trauma comes in many forms.


Have you been injured by physical, mental, emotional or sexual abuse, extremes of temperature, natural disasters, or medical trauma?

Do memories of the terrible thing(s) that happened to you seem as vivid as the day they first happened?

Do you have symptoms that nothing you do seems to fix?

If your answer is yes let’s talk. 

Trauma Healing sessions will heal the wound so you can live your life with comfort and confidence again.


“I sincerely recommend this healing and this fabulous healer, Dr. Linda Berry. Trauma has affected us all. Here is our chance to heal. Dr. Linda Berry is a brilliant and gifted healer who has helped many of my clients and myself so very much.”

—  Reverend Jo Ellen Michelle Talley

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