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Spotlight On Recovery

Have you ever struggled with issues that lead to self-defeating behaviors? My colleague Robin offers support with her Spotlight on Recovery magazine and website. The support she offers can prevent those negative self-defeating behaviors from becoming addictions. I am highlighting Robin this week because she offers a fantastic service that complements the work I do helping people to resolve trauma. See for yourself as you read more...

Meet Robin Graham, Founder/Publisher Robin Graham was born and raised in the Fort Green section of Brooklyn and still lives in Brooklyn today. She is one of 9 children, and the parent of 4 young men, Paul, Trevor, Kevin and Adam. She attended Erasmus Hall High School and Queens College as a music major. Robin discovered her love for writing in the late 90’s. She published her first newsletter on recovery in 1999, while working at a drug treatment program. Robin is now retired and running her publishing company full time. Robin Graham is the founder and publisher of Spotlight on Recovery magazine that provides an open dialogue on recovery from personal struggles.

The decision to use “recovery,” as a theme for her publication is both personal and global. Fighting through her own issues in search of support, Robin realized that although countless organizations and resources were available to the masses, the people were not willing to step inside the doors of these organizations. The people themselves had to unlock their own doors, before they could step into a room where others understood and didn’t judge them.

Robin’s personal journey through domestic violence, depression, harassment on the job, and victim/witness to how the “crack” epidemic destroyed her significant other and their bond, and robbed an otherwise loving family of its structure, speaks to the many doors and battles one person might endure before they would seek outside support. Robin explains that “There are so many issues blocking your senses, that you couldn’t even find the door to enter. Spotlight on Recovery magazine has no door, you just walk in. Come as you are, bring your baggage, and stay for a while.” To date, Robin has researched many issues and spoke to countless survivors throughout the United States. She has found that we all know someone who is in a crisis, whether financially, emotionally, mentally or physically. Her mission is to provide a forum, by which the human spirit could begin to heal. Robin is “Giving a Voice to the Therapeutic Community,” a voice to all of God’s children who suffered and became adults still carrying their scars of childhood trauma.

Spotlight on Recovery’s Vision My vision was to highlight issues that affect the lives of everyday people, to show them that as bad as it can be, the pain will subside and you will become a stronger person from it. I wanted people to know that they could learn and grow from any point of disaster, and begin to recover through direction, support, and knowledge. The magazine was to be an extension of things I have learned about life and being human. It came about the time I had given myself permission to heal, to love myself for who I am and disregard the riff raff who decided they knew more about me than I knew about myself. After I started listening to myself, I realized the answer lies within me. I wanted others to know that their answers are also within reach. I wanted them to know it was alright to go visit their inner space and look at the damaged spirit. I wanted them to know they were not alone. The heart of Spotlight on Recovery Magazine is that we believe in the people who are lost, no matter how they got lost. We believe that if we could put the source of the pain out in the open, they too could give themselves permission to heal. And like an answer to a prayer, the lost found their way to this road. Our Contributing Writers The diversity of our writers reflects the far -reaching need for support in recovery. As a people, as a country, as a nation and as a planet, our day- to-day needs include the outreach to one another to survive. Spotlight on Recovery Magazine will be celebrating it’s 20th Anniversary this October, if you’re reading this article, e-mail Robin and request a free copy. If you are interested in becoming a contributing writer, e-mail Robin and request a list of topics. A digital magazine will be available this summer on the website; As always, here's to your best health! Dr. Linda

Fun Fact:  This self affirmation comes from the Buddhist tradition. I keep it saved in notes on my phone for when I need it. May it also serve you well. May I be filled with loving kindness. May I be well. May I be peace and at ease. May I be happy.

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