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The Best Type of Exercise to Increase Mitochondria

Dear reader We’ve been talking about the importance of exercise. This blog follows up with some fascinating facts that I’ve learned by attending a webinar on mitochondria last week and a continuing education seminar on neurology on Sunday.

Fascinating to me but I hope useful for you to know is that 10 % of your total body weight is from mitochondria. And a whopping 40% makes up the weight of your muscles. Mitochondria are little bits in your cells. They make the energy you need to do all that you do and to operate all the functions in your body. Here’s some trivia about your magnificent mitochondria… all your mitochondrial DNA comes from your mother. None comes from your father. Why? The ovum or egg from your Mom has about 1000 mitochondria. The sperm cells of your Dad, however, have only 51 mitochondria. Those 51 get used up swimming so sperm can make thier way up to fertilize the egg. And if any of the male mitochondria do make it into the egg they are immediately destroyed! Your Mama’s egg is having none of that material in the developing baby.

Back to you and your energy producing mitochondria. How can you increase the number of mitochondria in your cells? Exercise, meditation and eating your food in a limited amount of time are three ways you can increase that number. It’s best to complete eating in 8 hours but you can start with 12 and decrease from there. Also, the Centropix technology devices that I use and provide to patients and clients increase thier wellness in this way. The best type of exercise to increase mitochondria is intensity interval training and aerobics such as walking and biking. Interval training involves a series of high intensity workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods. Doing this type of exercise 3-4 days per week with 2 days of strength training may give the greatest benefits. Thats why I have a memebership with WeShape high intencity, low impact interval workouts. But any type of exercise is better than none. Muscle cells are not easily replaced so working out regularly is smart. Muscle mass is lost in 6-10 days when they are not used doing some sort of exercise. And did you know that exercise keeps your brain humming at peak efficiency? Of all the types of receptors you have in your body 90% of them are mechanoreceptors fired off with movement. That includes all types of receptors for taste, smell, vision, etc. 90% of all the receptors in your body are related to movement. And 80% of that 90% are in your spinal muscles with the greatest number being in the muscles of your neck, head, jaw, big toes, and thumbs. Chiropractic care stimulates all those receptors. Regular chiropractic adjustments are a logical part of your self-care strategies. As always be in touch with questions. Here’s to healthy muscle for increased energy and a better brain! Dr. Linda

FUN FACT. One of the most critical functions of muscles is the pumping action of the heart.

Dr. Linda Berry Healing Arts Chiropractic Nutrition Trauma Healing Please note: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical care. Always consult with your healthcare provider for advice before you begin taking new supplements. You are responsible for all of the health choices you make.

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