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Spring is the time to cleanse not winter.

Dear reader To cleanse or not to cleanse? Winter is not the best time. Yes, cleanse. But not now. I have been getting a lot of emails from different groups saying to start the new year with a cleanse. But I prefer to be in harmony with the seasons and ancient traditions. Spring is the time to cleanse not winter. Winter is a time of conserving resources, long sleep and turning inward. Of course, it’s good to keep clean always by drinking enough water, eating enough fiber, and eating from the rainbow. Eating from the rainbow means eating foods, primarily fruits and vegetables, of different colors. Why? Because different colors are created by different nutrients. As much as possible avoid what you know irritates you, but… Eating all the colors of the rainbow ensures that you get as any nutrients as possible from what you eat.

EWG, our watchdog for chemical toxins, recommends avoiding the Dirty Dozen - those fruits and vegetables that are grown with so many pesticides that they are toxic. Avoid eating them unless they are organic. By doing so, according to EWG, you will enjoy a 95% reduction of pesticides in your meals.

Food for thought: It’s not a bad idea to start planning for a cleanse though. Did you know I wrote a book called Internal Cleansing Rid Your Body of Toxins? (It’s available in hardcopy or digitally and offers a variety of cleansing options.) Recently, I started working with Dr. Christopher Shade‘s company Quicksilver Scientific. He is one of my new biochemical genius heroes. This spring I am going to do his heavy metal detox program. In my years of training, I learned that we all have a lifetime load of lead in our body. Plus every day we are exposed to heavy metal toxins from industry. The number grows bigger every year. So doing periodic heavy metal detox decreases the burden on your immune and nervous systems. If you want help figuring out what cleanse would be best for you click here to schedule a 30 minute consultation. Here’s to a clean and vibrant future! Dr. Linda

FUN FACT This is the lunar new year of the rabbit. The rabbit brings intuition, vigilance and zest! May you have all that you need.

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