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Learn from a Grandmaster how to use energy for health

Have you ever checked out my 9 minute video The Five Fold Path to Bliss? Step number 4 is use your natural resources; your smile, love in your heat, and your sexual energy. Here is the link to all 5 steps.

Learn from a Grandmaster how to use your sexual energy for health, wellbeing and... from my perspective bliss, check out this offer from Grandmaster Mantak Chia.

I have been using Grandmaster Mantak Chia's healing practices for 40 years. But I had to fly to New York when he was based in the United States and later to his retreat center in Thailand, to learn from him. Now you can access his learning virtually in your own home. Contact me if you have any questions, Enjoy! Dr. Linda

FUN FACT Our sexuality is one of the only energies we can build to nourish ourselves as we get older. You don't need to have a partner and you don't have to get naked to do these practices.

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