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Do you wear flip-flops?

It’s flip-flop season. As a chiropractor I cringe when I see people wearing them. They’re so bad for your feet and your body. But… I have a solution to make them good for you! 77% of adult Americans have pronation. That means their arches collapse. You may know this condition as fallen arches or flat feet. Another 15% have supination where they roll out onto the outsides of their feet. So the biomechanics of almost all of us is in trouble! This causes pain, stiffness, and damage to your muscles and joints. And it gets progressively worse every time you stand or walk. Knee pain, low back pain, and even neck pain are common results of foot imbalance. Footlevelers has, at least part of the solution... custom flip flops made specifically for your feet! No two are alike.

I have recently started working with Footlevelers. Patients tell me they are happy and feel so much better since walking with their custom made flip-flops. Did you know you have three arches in your feet? The long arch on the inside of your foot is the one most companies pay attention to. Foot levelers goes 2 steps further. They also support the arch on the outside of your foot and the one across the ball of your foot. Supporting one arch is not enough. And don’t worry that you will have to sacrifice fashion for your custom made flip-flops. Foot levelers offers 13 different fashion options from basic to glitter for the strap that holds the flip-flops on your feet.

Do right by your body! If you live in the area come by my office in downtown San Rafael! Click here to arrange your Free Foot Scan Evaluation. Or go to to find a doctor in your area who provides these best of market flip-flops. As always… Here’s to your best health! Dr. Linda

Fun Fact: Your our foot has 26 bones. It also has 33 joints and about 120 tendons, ligaments and various muscles. There are common foot injuries that affect a significant part of the population, flat feet or fallen arches account for 70% of the injuries to the human foot.

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