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Will You Find Bliss This Holiday Season?

Aaaaahhh....Bliss. Just hearing the word brings about a positive image. But what is it and how can you attain such a state?

Not only is bliss this feeling of perfect happiness or joy, it is a biochemical and neurologic state of being in your body. Lucky for us, bliss is something that you can train yourself to experience just by following a few simple steps I call my 5 Fold Path To Bliss.

The 5 Fold Path To Bliss came to me one night as I was sitting by my bedside trying to figure out how I could help people alleviate suffering and elevate their well-being. Here are the 5 steps I came up with that night:

Dr. Linda's 5 Fold Path To Bliss

1. Eliminate what's irritating you

2. Nourish yourself

3. Accept yourself

4. Use your natural resources

5. Love yourself as well as others

Some might feel guilty or feel it is frivolous to experience bliss. I think not! One of my heroes, Rick Hanson, a well known American Psychologist, says there is a Buddhist bliss meditation practice that is recommended as one of the ways to fulfill spiritual goals. So, don't feel guilty or push aside your desire to find bliss. It can be very fulfilling!

I’ve been interviewed many times about my 5 Fold Path To Bliss and am delighted to share this short 9 minute video with you today describing in detail how to achieve your bliss.

As you will see, this video is not new (you can tell by my clothing) but the information is timeless. I hope you enjoy!

Blessings and peace for the holiday season.

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