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Why You Want To Meditate

Are you catching the buzz about meditation? Maybe you want to meditate but don't know how. Or maybe you can't sit still for meditation. Does your mind keep chattering when you try to meditate leaving you no peace?

A recent cover article in my local Marin Magazine focused on meditation. They titled it " Sweet Clarity". Sounds nice, yes?

Read on for a few good ideas to be successful finding your own "Sweet Clarity".

  • Meditation not only gives you "sweet clarity" it also lengthens your telomeres. Why should you care about that? Telomeres are at the ends of your chromosomes. As you age, they shorten and get frayed like the knees of your favorite blue jeans. The length of your telomeres determines how quickly and badly you age.

  • Usually your brain shrinks as you get older along with your memory and cognitive and physical abilities. Meditation will increase the thickness of your brain giving you more brain power!

  • Nasty conditions like pain and inflammation, intestinal problems, insomnia, anxiety and high blood pressure are eased with meditation too.

Still doubt you can do it? When you listen to a guided meditation it's easier for you to keep your focus and stay in a relaxed meditative state. Ready to get started? Yes!

Please click here for a complimentary guided meditation called Smile Into Your Distress. In 15 minutes you'll be able to transform what's stressing you into a mighty fuel to power your life.

If you want to delve even deeper into the Smile practice click here to get the whole Inner Smile Trilogy.

You'll not only transform your stress into vitality; you'll recharge every cell in your precious body with smiling and healing energy. As a bonus you'll receive Smile Into Ecstasy, another 15 minute guided meditation that brings you to the peak experience of bliss.

Happy Meditating!

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