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Why not be the one who sets the good posture example?

Have you ever seen somebody sitting up straight looking good and it inspired you to sit up straight too? It takes training and practice of course. And … I have Just the right tools to make that happen for you. More than 90% of Americans have something called Forward Head Translation. That’s when your head juts forward of your body. Some do it a lot. Some do it a little.

For every inch your head is forward of the plumbline coming from the center of your head, through the middle of your ear, through The middle of your shoulder and your hip, there are 30-60 more pounds of pressure bearing down on the base of your neck where it meets your shoulders. This might also cause headaches.

In one of my continuing education webinars I learned about a Forward Head Translation rehabilitation system developed by Dr. Romina. Dr. Romina provides posture training for huge corporations like Google and Apple. And she has recently made single kits available to individual practitioners like me so I can share them with you. It’s called the Head & Neck Home Relief Kit. Check it out here. The kit has lots of tools to make you feel better and look better too! If you have stooped shoulders or your whole back or even just your low back and hips are out of sorts, the Posture Home Relief Kit is right for you. It starts with corrective aids from your bottom up. Well worth the investment. And it comes in a size that’s right for you. Click here to see these kits and don't forget they would make great holiday gifts for you and or your family. Here’s to looking good and feeling even better! Yours in health, Dr. Linda

Fun Fact: Your posture is one of the first things other people notice about you and can affect so much more in your life than just spinal health. Healthy posture has been linked to better respiratory health and has even been shown to affect your confidence.

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