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Transform Fear, Worry and Anxiety

In ancient times Taoists came up with simple and effective ways to transform the energies of fear, worry and anxiety. Today I share some with you. Fear drags your energy down by draining your kidneys. In the 5 Element System your kidneys are the batteries of your body. They store your vital life force. When in fear your batteries are drained just like leaving a light on in your car will drain your battery. Gentleness is the antidote for fear. Be gentle especially with yourself. Think of how you would treat a baby or a small pet – with gentleness. Let gentleness fill you up. Imagine all of your trillions of cells absorbing a gentle feeling.

If you’re having trouble feeling gentleness first exhale the sound chewww to rid your body of fear. Taoists like 3‘s. Do at least 3 exhales. Better yet, any multiple of 3. You can do this anytime and anyplace. If you feel silly making the sound make it silently instead. The idea is to fill yourself up with the vibration of the sound. Especially your kidneys. Do you know where your kidneys are? They're in the back part of the body between the lower end of your ribs and the upper edge of your hips.

If you’re a visual person focus on bathing yourself with any color blue you like. You can wear blue clothes or a scarf to fortify yourself against fear. Or visualize taking a shower inside and out with a beautiful blue. Maybe put some blue food coloring in a warm bath? Worry and anxiety drain your power. They’re damaging to your solar plexus. Harmony and the sweetness of life are the antidotes to worry and anxiety. Where can you find harmony and life’s sweetness? For me this season is bursting with that energy. The fragrance of the flowers. The vitality of new Spring growth fills me with life’s sweetness. Maybe for you it’s a newly organized desk or closet. Or the flavor and aroma of a delicious dish you made now that you have more time to play in the kitchen.

The sound to release worry and anxiety is a deep guttural whooo sound. Like Darth Vader’s breathing if you’re Star Wars aware.

Golden or coral or orange colors rejuvenate your power. I sometimes think of butterscotch pudding. I learned these energy transformation techniques from Mantak Chia. If you’d like to delve further into this transformational alchemy, let me know. I’m a certified teacher in his International Healing Tao system. Or you can find many of his videos online.

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