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Are you concerned about E-Smog and excessive radiation?

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The Impact of a Digital Revolution.

Today, over three billion people use smartphones. Homes all across the globe have computers and Wi-Fi routers, and our devices become faster and

more powerful day after day.

But all these modern conveniences come at a price…

Electromagnetic Fields – EMFs

Each of the above technologies emit electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. These signals contain frequencies similar to what your radio uses to tune into specific stations, only some––such as Wi-Fi or cell phones––are even higher on the EM frequency spectrum.

Since these signals don’t create heat or cause immediate damage like microwaves or sunlight, they’re generally considered harmless.

Prolonged Exposure Can Wreak Havoc On Your Well-being

When you’re constantly exposed to these frequencies, it can disrupt your body’s natural processes, leaving you feeling sluggish, affecting your ability to perform, and reducing your sleep quality.

In this ever-expanding digital landscape, it’s almost impossible to avoid these harmful waves in our day-to-day lives. The phones in our pockets. The radios in our cars. The Wi-Fi in our homes and local businesses. ‍ It’s no wonder people feel they can’t get enough sleep or shake the constant fatigue and brain fog.

The very devices that we rely on to do our work for us, connect us with our loved ones, and simplify our lives are draining our energy and impacting our well-being.

So, this begs the question…

How Can You Protect Yourself Anywhere You Go?

Optimize Your Life

CENTROPIX have a wellness protection solution that will transform your life and take your body & mind to the next level.

Their products are built to activate and regenerate your molecular activity. Protect your body and wellness wherever you go, and shield your home from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

If this sounds too good to be true, then keep reading and witness the future of wellness evolve right in front of your eyes. This is your chance to take control of your energy, your balance, your quality of life, and your future.

Experts Estimate You’re Exposed to Over 1 Trillion Times More Man-Made EMF Radiation Than Your Grandparents.

EMF radiation or “electrosmog” (aka eSmog) is a huge problem that’s only going to grow exponentially. Just look at the facts:

3.8 billion+ smartphones in the world & millions of cell towers

There’s WiFi in virtually every home in America & Europe

20 billion connected “smart” devices emitting


20,000+ satellites covering the earth in microwave radiation

But that’s not all — With every new satellite comes mini-towers that will pepper cities and villages across the world.

With virtually every inch of the planet soon to be covered in EMF, there’s no escaping this problem

Olle Johanson, PhD

Professor, Head of Experimental Dermatology unit

Department of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden

A Scientifically Backed Wellness Solution

A breakthrough, one-of-a-kind PEMA technology engineered to support your body‘s natural, “inner doctor” and recharge your “batteries”.

If you are curious or concerned you can contact me by text/phone 415-847-3755

As always... here's to your best health!

Dr Linda


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