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Tools to cope with Anxiety

In my first email of this year I asked for topics you may want me to write about. One reader asked me to write about anxiety. So I am devoting this weeks newsletter to that sometimes paralyzing issue.

There is a lot to be anxious about these days. How can you maintain equilibrium in the storm? The solutions I offer are four fold as those I offer to my patients in my practice:

  • Structural

  • Biochemical

  • Mental/emotional/spiritual

  • Electromagnetic

Structural. Simply changing your posture can shift you from a state of anxiety into a state of balance. Sitting up straight takes pressure off of your musculoskeletal and organ/gland systems. Have you ever noticed how life seems bad when you’re slumped and hunched? Straightening your spine helps you breathe more fully changing your perspective plus relaxing tension and anxiety. From a chiropractic alignment perspective the vagus nerve that exits your skull is particularly affected by the alignment of your first and second neck vertebra. Seeing your chiropractor and getting in better balance can increase the flow of energy in the vagus nerve. That allows you to rest, relax and digest canceling the nervous system energy of anxiety. Exercise. Exercise of any type helps to reduce body felt sensations that accompany feelings of anxiety. Particularly helpful is a simple breathing exercise in which you lengthen the time you take to exhale. For instance inhale to a count of four then exhale to a count of six. It’s especially awesome to do this while walking. You can time the number of steps it takes to breathe ensuring that you take at least one more step to exhale then you take to inhale.

Bio chemical. As with any emotion that takes over your nervous system B complex vitamins and EPA / DHA are supplements that help to soothe a jangled nervous system. For body felt anxiety the amino acid, GABA, is particularly helpful. For best absorption it’s normally recommended to take supplements when you eat. However, amino acids are different. They are best taken between meals for the greatest therapeutic effect. Try Liposomal GABA with L-Theanine by Quicksilver Scientific. Dosing recommendations are to 2 - 4 pumps as needed. Liquid GABA is much more effective then powdered forms.

You can purchase these supplements from your Fullscript account or set one up here. Remember you receive a 10% discount when you order using this link and free shipping for orders of $50 or more. Mental/emotional/spiritual There is so much that can be done in this arena. Simply noticing what’s OK or even good in your body and life is a powerful antidote to anxiety. Couple that with the breathing technique suggested under structure and you have an even more powerful tool. You may also like the Mindfulness practice of breathing in peace, ease, Comfort, contentment… whatever resonates with you … while breathing out anxiety. Using the longer exhale technique makes you even more successful at eliminating that consuming emotion. If you are a spiritually oriented person ask for spiritual guidance and support. Electromagnetic. Your body is charged with electricity. All of your cells and molecules vibrate with a different frequency. Anxiety creates a specific frequency. You can counter that frequency with frequency healing therapies. Need more guidance? Use this Calendar link to schedule a private session with me either in person, on the phone or on zoom. Peace! Dr. Linda PS I am not a mental health care specialist. These recommendations can be extremely helpful. However if the Care mentioned above gives you no relief consult with a mental health care specialist. This is a good resource

FUN FACT  Bees take naps in flowers! So yeah, it’s okay to need a nap and get rest when you need it, even busy bees do.

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