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Tools for a healthy and happy 2024

Dear reader

Thinking of the best way to start 2024 with my blogs: the best idea was to share my 5 Fold Path to Bliss with you. We are all faced with so many problems and too much to do in our busy lives that often we forget to notice what is good.

Watch this vintage 9-minute video for a more complete description of my 5 Fold Path to Bliss.

For those of you who want the cliff notes version of the five steps, they are listed below.

Eleminat what irritates you - If you can't eliminate it find some way to make peace with it.

Nourish yourself - Through all your senses.

Accept yourself - Regardless of what you are unhappy about with your body, your thoughts or your actions; accepting yourself as you are is the first step to feel good.

Use your natural resources- Smiling, love in your heart and... hope this is not too shocking... growing your sexual energy are sources of food for your body, mind and spirit.

Love yourself as well as others - The Golden Rule says this in reverse; 'Do unto others as you do to yourself'. Since love is our highest and purest emotion. And since we often do for others without doing for ourselves I suggest you love yourself first. Like they say on the airplane; put your oxygen mask on first before you help anyone else.

I am here for you.

Blessings for a healthy and happy 2024!

Dr. Linda


Turns out, falling in love does not take as long as we think. It is proven that you can fall in love in as few as four minutes. It only takes four minutes to make the first impressions, and that is why it is said that you must pay attention to your body language and presence.

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Please note: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical care. Always consult with your healthcare provider for advice before you begin taking new supplements. You are responsible for all of the health choices you make.

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