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This holiday sets a standard for the “attitude of gratitude” practice.

Human beings have three basic needs:

  • Safety

  • Satisfaction

  • Connection

If you’re feeling a lack of satisfaction in your life focusing on what you can be grateful for fills up that emotional hole. Even if you generally feel satisfied it still feels awesome to focus on gratitude and take it in for emotional and cellular nourishment. When I focus on gratitude, I am grateful for you. I am grateful for your interest, attention, and action on what I share with you in my weekly newsletters. Knowledge with action makes a difference. We create a better world when we attend to our own health.

What can you be grateful for? Many years ago I attended a concert in Boulder Colorado with Richie Havens, a folksinger who’s most famous song is Freedom. He was in his 60s then and talked about how every morning when he opened his eyes he’d say to himself, “I’m still alive!” Click below to listen.

Simply focusing on the exquisite pleasure of drawing in a breath is something to be grateful for. I know you can come up with your own gratitude list - especially in preparation for being put on the spot at the Thanksgiving table! - as you expand your focus out into your life and your surroundings.

Thank you for who you are and what we are to each other. Happy Thanksgiving! Dr. Linda

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