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The Six Healing Sounds

As you saw in my last newsletter ''Do you want a better nights sleep?'' I am certified to teach The Six Healing Sounds practice Master Mantak Chia speaks about. I’ve been learning, practicing and teaching the many techniques he taught me for almost four decades. If you’re interested in including this emotional cleansing routine into your life I am now offering Taoist Meditation Practice Session. Taoist Meditation Practice Would you like to become more self-reliant regarding your health on all levels? Ancient Taoist practices empower you to open up and clear your energy channels, build energy and strengthen your internal resilience. These practices draw on your internal chemistry generated simply by your attention and focus. Once learned these simple practices can become a part of you helping to navigate both the storms and joys that life brings. Basic:

  • Six Healing Sounds

  • Microcosmic or Heavenly Cycle

  • Inner smile


  • Fusion 1: Transform Negativity

  • Fusion 2: Build Virtue Energy

(Fusion 1 and 2 require the Basic practices as a prerequisite.)

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