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The Science of Positive Neuroplasticity

I'm sending this extra newsletter for something I don't want you to miss. You know when you are happy that life looks better and you feel better too. Well, now its proven that when we have positive experiences it lowers anxiety, depressed mood and increases gratitude, self compassion and happiness in general. Check out this brief newsletter from one of my heroes, Rick Hanson. He offers a link to the study and a free online even next Tuesday February 8th at noon PT. I'm sending this extra newsletter this week so you can plan ahead and learn how to use these findings both at work and at home. I'll be attending! Special Edition The Science of Positive Neuroplasticity In this edition of MindFull of Good, we focus on the practical science of positive neuroplasticity, starting with two important announcements.

First, the Journal of Positive Psychology recently published our study on Learning to Learn from Positive Experiences – which showed that deliberately internalizing beneficial experiences can lower anxiety and depressed mood, and increase gratitude, self-compassion, and happiness in general.

Second, on Tuesday, February 8 at 12pm PT / 3pm ET I will offer a FREE, online event about this study – and how to use its findings both at work and at home. This event will also be the launch of a new website,, focused on the HOW of lasting healing, growing, and awakening. Here you'll find a treasure house of resources for learning, practicing, and even teaching positive neuroplasticity – to develop even greater resilience, compassion, happiness and other inner strengths hardwired into your own nervous system. I hope you'll join me for this free event! Sign up here to attend live or get access to the recordings. SIGN UP NOW How Can We Change Our Brains for the Better?

ON THE BEING WELL PODCAST: How to Change Your Brain What can we do to achieve the ‘holy grail’ of personal growth – lasting change in our hearts, minds, and behaviors? We offer a full primer on the science of ‘positive neuroplasticity,’ including practical advice on how to take control of our brain’s growth over time. LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE

As always... here's to your best health, Dr. Linda

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