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The 5 Finger Prayer

When I was with family last December for my sister's memorial service I went to church and came across this inspiring way to remember something important.

Its "The 5 Finger Prayer". Raise your hand in front of you and count off your fingers ... then everyone's covered INCLUDING YOU!!!

Thumb - those closest to you, your family

Pointer - those that point you in the right direction (teachers, healers, counselors)

Middle - those that mentor/lead/inspire you. Ask for guidance and wisdom.

Ring - those that are weak, in trouble, or in pain. We can't pray too much for them.

Pinkie - you and your own needs.

That gives you a whole new way to look at your hand doesn't it?

Don't pray? That's OK!

Maybe you don't relate to praying. That's OK! May I make a suggestion? Use the same formula but instead of praying feel or imagine a sense of gratitude, compassion or love for those associated with each finger. Being in that state is a way to give a beautiful gift to yourself and to those in your world.

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