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Tech Neck

Is your neck bothering you? That can be from many causes. You probably already know the stress and strain you feel in your neck and shoulders and back and arms and hands when you spend too much time bent over a screen and keyboard. Having handheld devices and iPads or laptops offers many advantages but really messes up our bio mechanical balance contributing to ongoing aches and pains in your body. I’m no different.

It doesn’t seem likely that we will stop using these technologies. So engaging in adaptive practices to decrease the stress and strain is our best option. Here are some suggestions:

1.Adopt Victorian posture. Did you see that TV series Downton Abbey? Remember how they all sat around their dinner table? Bolt upright, head on top of their shoulders, shoulders lined up with their hips with a straight spine? That’s the posture that creates the least amount of stress and strain on your body while seated. For every inch your head is forward of your shoulders you are pilling 30 to 60 pounds of stress on your lower neck/upper back. 2.Raise your shoulders up towards your ears. Squeeze and release. If you exhale while you’re releasing that helps even more. 3.Scrunch up your face and hands, wiggle your jaw then relax. 4.Change your position. Try a standing desk. A sit fit cushion under your butt. Sitting on a gym ball. Leaning your head back against a high-back chair. Or do your screen time resting back in an anti-gravity type chair. 5.When you sit in a regular chair, adopt the 90° rule. Sit with a 90° angle at your elbows, hips, knees and ankles. And elevate your screen so your eyes are looking at the top edge of the screen straight ahead If these steps don’t help relieve your discomfort go see your chiropractor. If your local here’s a link to schedule with me. As always… Here’s to your best health! Dr. Linda

Fun Fact: The surgeon general says sitting is the new smoking in terms of damaging your health. Get up out of your chair and move around in a way that brings you joy!

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