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Simple Exercises for Knee Pain

Your knees are very important, when they hurt it limits your ability to be active. That causes you to lose muscle mass and accelerate aging. Today I'm sharing 5 simple exercises taught by coach Tyler, my exercise coach. They seem safe and simple but as always use your own judgment to exercise within your safe limits.

I have had recent patients tell me that their knee and ankle pain went away after wearing custom orthotics made from a 3D laser scan of their foot performed in my office. If you are local, schedule for a free Foot and Posture Scan, normal value $75. Book here and when you come in for your 3D laser foot scan mention this newsletter for a complimentary exam. If you are not local, click here to find a doctor in your area. I wear these revolutionary 3 arch custom-made orthotics every day. Their newest version incorporates far infrared technology that continually feeds energy into your body as long as waer them. . As always... here's to your best health! Dr. Linda P.S Starting around age 40, there is a natural decline in muscle and heart function. The scientific name is sarcopenia. Lost muscle mass does not have to be permanent, though, and it can be rebuilt and maintained with the right care.

Dr. Linda Berry Healing Arts Chiropractic Nutrition Trauma Healing Please note: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical care. Always consult with your healthcare provider for advice before you begin taking new supplements. You are responsible for all of the health choices you make.

FUN FACT The adult knee is the largest joint in the body but babies are born without kneecaps.

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