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Recovering from your holiday?

I hope you found a way to experience joy and happiness this holiday. I got to express my water nymph self at Finnon Lake Recreation Center in Placerville. Such a delight being in lake water.

I also swim at the Elks Lodge 1108 in San Rafael. But find a much more glorious experience in the lake. Here are some thoughts for your life. What they express is one of my guiding principles. Look for the good and integrated into your cells so they can be happy… Making you happy. If you act as if the universe is conspiring on your behalf you love your life. If you choose to view it through the lens hat the universe is trustworthy You will experience the fruit of it in your own life.

Try it for a week… You’ve got nothing to lose. From Reverend Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow, The Great Story

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