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October is Breast Health Month

Man-made estrogen that you’re consuming from prescriptions, animal products that you eat, water that you drink, plastics, sunscreens, pesticides, and parabens in cosmetics cause breast cancer cells to grow in the laboratory and in YOU! Maybe just thinking about the issue of breast cancer makes you want to get off this page. But that will do nothing to change your risk. With each decade of your life, your odds of developing this disease increase. If you’re educated, drink alcoholic beverages, and have no children or give birth late in life, you’re in the highest percentile for getting breast cancer. The good news is that you have the power to change the odds — but only with the right information and appropriate action.

Try this comprehensive audio program to transform your Breast Health In Breast Health, you'll hear Luscious Jazz entertains you while Dr. Linda shares proven ways to create exceptional breast health naturally. Learn the safest and most effective ways to test. Find out probable causes so you can avoid them. And discover easy ways to prevent breast disease or its reoccurrence in this 3-part audio lecture series that puts women’s wisdom at the forefront.

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Please be a courageous ally for your health by taking the “Breast Cancer Risk Questionnaire”. It will take only a moment and it could change the outcome of the rest of your life. Protect your health and well-being by taking this short and simple questionnaire: Breast Cancer Risk Questionnaire Adapted from: The Menopause Manager, Mary Ann and Joseph Mayo, MD, Revell. 1. I have the breast cancer (BRCA1 and/or BRCA2) genes or family history of breast cancer. There is a 5 – 10% chance of carrying the BRCA1 gene. Yes____ No____ 2. I get limited exercise. Yes____ No____ 3. I started my periods before the age of 12. Yes____ No____ 4. I had late menopause, after age 51. Yes____ No____ 5. I am childless or had my first child after age 35. Yes____ No____ 6. I eat a high fat diet with limited vegetables. Yes____ No____ 7. I have never breast fed a child. Yes____ No____ 8. I am overweight. Yes____ No____ Score 3 for a yes answer to statement 1. Add 1 for each of the other yes answers. A score of 5 or more is high, 2 – 4 is moderate, 0 – 1 is low. My score ____ My breast cancer risk based on this questionnaire is: ____Low ____Moderate ____High If you’re in the moderate or high-risk category based on these results, please schedule an appointment with me to investigate your options. If so, its not a death sentence … when you take the appropriate actions. There are simple diet, lifestyle and nutritional steps to follow to change those results.

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