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October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

Since Marin County CA, where I live, has the highest incidence of breast cancer in the US, I've become very interested in breast health.

Researching this potentially life-threatening disease I put together Breast Health, a 3 part audio series with soothing jazz music in the background, so women around the world can empower themselves to have healthy breasts.

In this audio series, you will learn the safest and most effective ways to test. Find out probable causes so you can avoid them. And discover easy ways to prevent breast disease or its reoccurrence.

You can purchase the Breast Health audio series on my website products page.

Here is one of the simple Breast Health exercises that I recommend to decongest your breasts.

1) Warm up your palms

2) Place the center of your palms over your nipples

3) Smile into your breasts with loving energy

4) Circle your palms up, towards your sides, down, then towards the center. Use zero to as much pressure as feels good to you.

5) Repeat until your breasts smile back at you. :)

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