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My Nature and Body Fix

This is one of the places I walk to get my nature fix and enjoy the harmony of plants and water.

Did you know that beneficial ions concentrate around the points of leaves? Those ions make you happy and trap chemical toxins that would otherwise damage your cells.

The beautiful bush of flowers is called Ceanothus. It’s the California version of lilac bushes found on the East Coast. Not quite as fragrant but lovely nonetheless.

I walk along this San Francisco Bay path with my Nordic Nations Walking Poles. I see more and more people using them these days.

It’s a smart choice because you use 95% of your body walking with those polls. That means you burn more calories in less time and get stronger muscles walking for less time and distance than without the poles.

Because you’re enhancing the cross crawl affect with the pole - that’s moving your right arm forward when your left leg goes forward and vice versa as you normally do when you walk - you’re also helping your brain work better.

Check out this video and see how a community is improving their health using Nordic Nations Walking Poles.

If you decide to invest, here’s a link to get a 15% discount. Nordic Nations Walking Poles are designed by a chiropractor who saved his life from heart failure using walking poles. All the ones he used had one problem or another so he rallied his chiropractic skills to come up with improvements that make these poles the best choice for price, ergonomics and compact traveling ability.

These polls will benefit you for the rest of your life. Claim them with your 15% discount here using code drlinda.

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