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Link between stress and seasonal allergies

Windy conditions + spring rain = bad news for you if you suffer with seasonal allergies. And it doesn't help if you are stressed Keep reading for a detailed explanation of why stress exacerbates nasal allergies, and the science behind it. I thought you or your friends who suffer from seasonal allergies maybe interested. Thanks to Designs For Health for this short and informative video. Watch below to learn how nasal allergies may be aggravated by the release of stress hormones and which nutrients and botanicals may help support seasonal allergy symptoms and a healthy response to perceived stress.

Here is a list of the supplements mentioned in the audio blog that could help to reduce perceived stress:

  • B Vitamins: B Supreme - Designs for Health's highly sought after Vitamin B Complex.

  • GABA: StressArrest - An inexpensive combination of GABA, glycine and B vitamins.

  • Ashwagandha: TriGandha - A blend of 3 well-researched forms of ashwagandha extracts shown to lower perceived stress/anxiety.

Allergy support products:

  • HistaEze - Your one of a kind allergy support product with Tinofend, an Ayervedic herb which stimulates the macrophages to "eat up" the offending pollen, etc.

  • Quercetin + Nettles - An extra dose of Quercetin and Nettle Leaf Extract. To the rescue! Find this confusing? Click here to book a 15 min consultation with me. Dr. Linda :-)  PS You can order these high quality supplements with the trusted Fullscript dispensary, click here to open your account or create one. Don't forget you receive a 10% discount on all orders and free shipping on $50 more via this link.

FUN FACT Your nose shapes the sound of your voice. What we hear when people speak and sing is in large part related to the resonating structures of the throat and nose.

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