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I’ve been attending Rick Hanson’s 6 week Neuroplasticity training and wanted to share three practice

1.Not feeling safe? We can get wound up in a tight vortex with what hurts or stresses us. Rick recommends a wider focus. Expand your awareness beyond not feeling safe and see what else is out there and engage your brain to expand beyond bad feelings. You’re not ignoring or denying the issue. You’re simply becoming aware that there’s more beyond it That’s good or at least OK. For example, yesterday I visited a Judy Chicago art exhibit. Some of her later abstract paintings are huge and in pastel colors. Looking at them in the big room of the museum gave me a sense of expansion into her pastel world of color and design and swept me past any worldly concerns. 2.It’s the holiday season. That often puts us into situations with family members who stress us out. Instead of engaging in a downward spiral of negativity with them, Rick recommends noticing that you’re basically OK and wishing them well. I have had a recent upset with someone I thought was a close friend. She said goodbye to me because she didn’t want to consider my feelings. When the knot in my gut grips me thinking about that I find peace using this technique of noticing I am OK in this moment and wishing her well. Maybe Rick’s teaching will work for you also If not in the moment at least after when the memory plagues your mind, heart and or body.

3.To develop that further… Remember from last weeks newsletter “Let be. Let go. Let in”? We can’t always control what happens to us but we don’t need to let it bring us down. We have the opportunity to recognize what is and let it be without getting upset about it. And instead notice what’s good and take that in to become a part of us.

Through these processes you will rewire your brain overcoming it’s negativity bias to build a life of peace and happiness. It’s not necessarily easy but always rewarding. Life is a journey one step at a time. To close, I sing you this Sufi song: “May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within you guide your way on. “ Peace, Dr. Linda P.S If you would like to talk more about improving book a 15 minute consultation with me here.

Fun Fact: Look for the good and remember to relax and breathe. Don't forget that keeping your mind happy is part of keeping your immune system strong.

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