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How To Keep Your Energy Up All Day Long

What's the secret to all day energy? Is it 6 cans of Red Bull? Do you need 8 cups of coffee? How about sugary snacks - especially chocolatey ones- when your energy starts to lag?

Unfortunately, those are all short-term solutions that will cause you to eventually crash and burn.

To have high levels of energy sustained throughout the day, you need to feed your body and brain the nutrients they need to perform for you.

Here are a few quick tips that will keep your motor humming at high levels all day long.

  • Eat breakfast within one hour of getting up in the morning.

  • Make sure you eat protein, fat and veggies at each meal.

  • Have one to two servings of fruit daily.

  • Make sure the fat you use is high-octane - olive and coconut oils work best.

  • Eat smaller meals more often so you never get too hungry.

  • Stop eating by 8pm so your body can rest and repair when it is time to go to bed.

I have created an All Day Energy favorites supplement list in my dispensary for you to help support your energy throughout the day. My energy favorites are:

  • Sleep Aide by Vital Nutrients - Sometimes you don't have enough energy during the day because you're not sleeping well enough at night. If that's you try Sleep Aide.

  • Energy/Sport Formula by Douglas Labs - If you want more energy in your body especially for physical activities try Energy/Sport Formula. If you take this you may not need to take an additional B Vitamin Complex.

  • HPA Axis: Daytime Maintenance by Gaia Herbs - And if you don't have enough energy because you're stressed out HPA Axis could benefit you.

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