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How To Get Better Sleep

How important is sleep? Very, very important. Good sleep is the great restorer of health and vitality. You demand a lot of yourself during the day. You need good sleep to rejuvenate and repair at night. All things in your body and your life get better when you sleep better. Here are some great TIPs for better sleep from my coach, Coach Tyler (

1. Humans sleep in 90-minute cycles (give or take 10 minutes). Your goal should be to sleep a minimum of 6 hours a night, make 7.5 the norm and always aim for 9 hours of sleep! 2. Light negatively affects melatonin. You should have room-darkening shades on your windows and any light inside your bedroom should be eliminated. No bright red alarm clock lights beaming into your eyes or on your skin at night, etc. (If not possible wear a sleep mask) 3. EMF's increase cortisol which decreases melatonin production necessary for deep relaxing sleep. Move all electronics as far away from you as possible. Plug your cell phone in on the other side of your room, move your alarm clock, unplug or get rid of your bedroom TV, etc. 4. You should establish a bedtime routine where you dim the lights in your house, turn off your TV and instead hang out and read, write, draw or talk. This will help increase melatonin production even more. 5. Go to bed a couple hours after the sun goes down and wake up when the sun comes up.

I know these suggestions are not always so easy to do. Try committing to one of them, maybe the hardest one for you to do, and go from there. You'll be rewarded with increased energy, a better mood, greater concentration, fewer colds and who knows what else? Please let me know.

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