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How are you holding up?

How are you holding up sheltering in place? I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks while driving to see patients and carrying out household chores. The latest has been illuminating it! It’s called The Genius of Women by Janice Kaplan. We are all important. To suppress women’s voices hurts all of us. Janice said, “We contain multitudes ” What she meant by that is that there are many aspects to us. Like a faceted jewel we can SHINE as a businesswoman, family member, athlete, community leader, etc. We don’t have to pick one at the expense of others. This is a list of six factors that make genius women flourish. And don’t count yourself out… You ‘re probably a genius in at least one aspect of your life. See if you can relate. It was inspiring and instructive for me to read and assimilate the significance of this list. 1. One supportive person 2. Blindness to bias 3. See beyond gender 4. Have a positive approach 5. Believe you belong 6. Live a multifaceted life

I bet like me you’ve been exploring, expressing, or developing different aspects of yourself during this Covid crisis. Here’s one of my projects. I learned about this from one of my patients.

My inside garden beet greens. May you continue to find the time to express all parts of you as we begin to move out of our homes and into public life again.

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