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Healthy Bones

Do you know your bones are made from more than just calcium? Yet what do you hear and read about to keep your bones healthy? Take calcium!

But that’s not enough. Your bones are actually made from:

  1. Calcium

  2. Phosphorus Sodium

  3. Magnesium Copper Chloride

  4. Potassium

  5. Zinc

  6. Iron

  7. Manganese Chromium

  8. And Organic factors

All those minerals need a web of organic fibers to land on. The minerals create strength while the organic fibers create flexibility to minimize your risk of breaking a bone in an accident or from a fall.

Our current method for diagnosing bone loss considers loss of minerals not organic fibers. As you look at this informative picture notice that weak bones have less organic fibers as well as fewer minerals. Wouldn’t it make sense to take a supplement that includes all of the nutrients your bones need to stay healthy Instead of one that leaves most of them out? I use and recommend Calcium MCHA from Pure Encapsulations to support my bone health. You can get Calcium MCHA from our trusted supplier Fullscript. Create or open your own account here to receive a 10% discount and free shipping for orders of $50 or more. Here’s to your strong and flexible bones! Dr. Linda P.S Your newsletters will soon be coming from my website, here's the email address it will be coming from Please add this to your contact list so there is no interruptions in receiving them.

FUN FACT Adults will end up with only 206 bones, but babies are born with almost 300. It’s not that bones disappear as we grow older. Instead, these tiny bones fuse together to form the larger bones of the skeletal system.

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