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Google gives great info

Where do you go to to find information and reviews on your next hairdresser, plumber, restaurant, or chiropractor? Do you use Google search? If so, you are sometimes reading hundreds of reviews written from users just like you who are saying what they think about that business. As users are moving to a more technology based way of life, businesses with limited reviews are getting less exposure and decreasing their ability to stay in business and serve their customers.

In the spirit of continuing to help others, I have left reviews on Google for three of my favorite places: 1) Soluna Health - A committed team of integrated health providers. 2) Good Earth - A fantastic, best quality grocery and take out food provider. I get their live culture apple cabbage kuart and their air processed baked chicken. Yum! 3) Trader Joe's - They have the best prices on organic produce and sheep and goat yogurt and cheese.

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