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Flourish & thrive!

2021! Free online series - mindset, money and more.

I have a special free gift to offer you to get into gear for this year. Flourish and Thrive with Your Gifts, hosted by Nicola Walker, is a series of video interviews with guest experts on mindset and navigating life circumstances to live the fullness of who you are and do what lights you up!Uncertainty feeds into fears. When we are in fear and overwhelm, it’s hard to think clearly or be in touch with our intuition. Yet, we still have our dreams and a deep yearning to achieve purpose-driven goals. A passionate, purposeful life grows from following the call of your heart, as well as focusing on the choices you make in any moment. After all, our minds have everything to do with our results and what we experience each day. There are three interviews to start with, including one with me. Other speakers include Susan Shloss, Money Coach on Women, Spirituality and Money and Joyce Anastasia, Transformational Leadership Consultant on Walking Your Deeper Talk. There will be eight interviews altogether. New videos will be uploaded every few weeks until the end of March, so you can watch at an easy pace. Pick up some amazing free gifts and resources from each of the experts too! Get inspired and motivated as you hear women leaders get real about meeting challenges with courage, creativity and resilience, reinventing yourself and a host of other empowering topics to help you flourish and thrive during tough and easier times. Sign up Here for the series to watch your first three interviews now! Dr. Linda

Fun Fact: It takes 5 positive experiences to neutralize one bad experience. Sign up for Nicola Walker series above to fill your treasure chest with positive experiences.

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