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Eating healthy, but feeling worse?

Dear reader

If you’re eating what are supposed to be healthy superfoods like: blackberries, raspberries, quinoa, spinach, chard, and dark chocolate but you’re not feeling good; you’re probably overloading your body with oxalates.

Oxalates are tiny crystals that enter your bloodstream and go everywhere in your body. If you have a weak spot, they will land there and cause problems such as:

Pain in your joints


G.I. tract problems


Stiffness or pain in your muscles

Kidney stress

Emotional issues

Over the last several months, I’ve made a point of consuming more of these superfoods to ward off the ravages of aging! But it backfired. I started having more and more pain and stiffness in my body.

A colleague told me about the book Toxic Superfoods by Sally Norton. Ms Norton is a Cornell and Chapel Hill trained biochemist, but she wasn’t aware of the oxalate problem until after many years of trying to figure out her various health issues. Finally, a pelvic pain clinic she visited suggested she limit oxalates in her diet. Following their suggestions, she started healing.

Because this is an unknown or little-known health risk by medical professionals, Sally began giving free lectures to help others overcome their debilitating health problems. And last year she released her book Toxic Superfoods helping thousands more reverse their health problems by carefully changing what they eat.

Have you heard the expression, “getting old ain’t for sissies.” Sally makes the point that many “old age” problems can be reversed by simply switching to foods with lower oxalates.

Since I decreased high oxalate foods the pain I had in my right hip and leg decreased dramatically. At one point I had to crawl to the bathroom because I couldn’t put any weight on that leg without screaming pain.

You have to be careful though. Sally doesn’t tell you until Chapter 11 to decrease the amount of high oxalate foods gradually. If not, you may experience a flareup of symptoms as your body begins dumping the oxalate load.

When I began reading the book, I decided to cut them all out because they were hurting me. And I ended up needing to use a cane while walking to help share

the weight of stepping onto my right foot.

But don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of delicious and nutritious foods to eat that don’t carry damaging oxalate crystals into you're vulnerable body.

If you want help figuring this out, please talk to me at your next visit. If you’re not a patient yet you may schedule a nutritional consultation in person or by phone. I will be delighted to help you overcome your health challenges and feel your best.

As always, here to your best health!

Dr. Linda


Studies show you’re more in tune with other people’s emotions in your 40s than at any other time in your life. That insight into how others think and feel can make living with your loved ones easier and help you get along better with your coworkers, too.

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Please note: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical care. Always consult with your healthcare provider for advice before you begin taking new supplements. You are responsible for all of the health choices you make.

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