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Dr. Siegel is a prolific author and has developed a model for treating your brain right...

Do you know what neuroplasticity means? In chiropractic school in the 70’s they taught us that our brains were pretty well grown by 2 years old.

Now we know that’s not true. Our brain can actually change physically as we increase in age. That is if we treat our brains right. Dr. Dan Siegel is one of my heroes. He’s a professor of Psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine and executive director of the Mindsight Institute. Dr. Siegel is a prolific author and has developed a model for treating your brain right. He calls it The Healthy Mind Platter.

The Healthy Mind Platter has 7 parts. I like this circle model because it shows that each of the parts have equal importance. As you read this list I encourage you to be curious. Do you get any ah ha’s that you need more of one or more of these 7 parts to feed your brain? •Connecting time - spend time with others. •Sleep time - 7.5 to 9 hours each night is best. •Physical time - you’ve heard if you don’t use it you lose it. We’re made of material that’s made to move. •Down time - relax. Stop doing all day long. •Focus time - be curious. Keep learning. Figure out how to do new things. •Play time - life is short. Have fun now!! •Time in -self-reflection, prayer, meditation, being mindful and journaling are all examples of Time In. To remember all 7 parts I put them in alphabetical order: C D F Ph Pl S T, it might help you hit all your bases for a healthy brain. As Always... Here's to your best health! Dr. Linda PS. Do you need more Time in? Check out Smile Into Distress guided meditation audio here. Need more Physical time? Why not start walking with Nordic Naturals walking poles? I use them. Click here to find out more. Need help figuring it out? Click here is a link to book a 15 minute consultation with me.

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