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Do you want a better nights sleep?

These tips come from my meditation teacher Mantak Chia. I’ve been learning, practicing and teaching the many techniques he taught me for almost four decades. The Six Healing Sounds he speaks about below are a part of my daily energy hygiene. Master Chia offers training in this technique. And I am certified to teach this practice as well. If you’re interested in including this emotional cleansing routine into your life, click here. Hi, Recently I taught a Free Lecture online and one of the questions that came up was about how to get a better night’s sleep. Time and time again I hear this question. It’s a real challenge faced by so many people in our modern society. Our lifestyles are not focused on good sleep hygiene and much of the wisdom of our ancestors is lost - which was more in tune with nature and the rhythms of sunrise and sunset. In the Tao, good sleep equates with a long, healthy life. Don’t you feel happier, more emotionally strong and mentally alert after a good night’s sleep? So here are my top tips for getting better quality sleep and ultimately leading a more resourced life: 1.Avoid Screens At Least 1 hour Before Bed: Resist the temptation to bring your phone or any device into your bedroom, scrolling mindlessly before you sleep. Electronic screens emit a type of blue light that interrupts your circadian rhythm - it makes your brain active, suppresses melatonin, increases your heart rate and raises your temperature. It’s much harder to drop into a deep state of rest after exposure to this blue light. 2.Release Emotions/Do the Six Healing Sounds: Practice the art of ‘forgive, forget and let go’ every day. Consider it a spring clean of your organs. If you’ve never done the Six Healing Sounds before, here’s a simplified version - it just takes 3 - 5 mins:

  • Sit on a chair with your hands on your knees.

  • Go back over your day and notice any emotions that came up e.g. anger, frustration, impatience.

  • Forgive, forget, let go each of these emotions to the ground.

When your emotions are balanced, you will get a much better quality of sleep. 3.Breathe Into Your Belly: Inhale deeply and relax into your belly as you exhale. Inhale for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4. This will ground and center you and avoid emotions or thoughts rising that could disturb you. 4.Rest Your Digestive System: Simple Rule - don’t eat past 6pm! If your digestive system is still working through the night, you won’t sleep well and it’s very taxing on your health. Another easy-to-follow tip: Eat smaller portions! Once you are over 30 years of age eat about ⅓ less, especially for your evening meal. This should be the smallest meal of your day. Allowing your digestive system to rest overnight will help you get a deeper, more restorative sleep and prolong your life. 5.Sleep Position: Lie on Your Left Side: By lying on your left side, you allow gravity to help with any digestive and waste processes. The stomach and gastric juices lie lower than the esophagus. It will also reduce the likelihood of heartburn. And you can even expect a more regular bowel movement in the morning.

Let me know how you get on trying out these tips. I love hearing from you. If you’d like to learn more Taoist practices like the Six Healing Sounds meditation where you can release emotions from your organs to improve your health - join me in Week 1 of my Summer Retreat - July 3rd - 6th | Inner Alchemy Basics - open to complete beginners! May the Qi be With You. Mantak Chia More from Dr. Linda; I hope you found that insightful in helping you get a good nights rest. Once again if you’re interested in including this emotional cleansing routine into your life, click here. Here's to your best health! Dr. Linda

Fun Fact: “Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” — Thomas Dekker

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