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Do you have any of these symptoms?

There are two main things to remember with Coronavirus: host resistance and microbe virulence. In other words, how strong are you vs the bad bug?

Coronavirus is causing deaths for people in their 80’s who have significant health issues like diabetes, heart or lung disease. The family practice MD in whose clinic I work, says our best defense against getting sick is to stay healthy. You probably already know things you can do to keep healthy. If it makes sense to you, add one of these 4 things I personally do to stay strong. Think of it as extra “health insurance”.

1) BEMER is one of my greatest allies in staying strong. It includes an accessory pad with coils that I place over my thymus gland, under the breastbone, and spleen on the lower left side of the rib cage. Those glands are immune defenders. Improving circulation to your thymus and spleen makes them work better to fight infection from all sources.

I invite you to invest 2.5 minutes to see how much better your immune system works after just 8 minutes of BEMER therapy. In this video you’ll notice white circular cells that speed by in the beginning but become more abundant and move slower rolling along the vessel walls after a few minutes of BEMER therapy. That’s how you want those white cells to behave. Those white cells are your white blood cells that gobble up and destroy bad bugs. If they’re racing by they can’t do their job. They need to be patrolling the inside of your blood vessels slowly so they’re ready to jump out and protect your body from bad bugs like Coronavirus. Watch the short video here.

2) If you don’t have access to BEMER therapy, try this. With increasing age, the thymus shrinks and becomes less effective as an immune defender. Tapping your breastbone in a ¾ or waltz rhythm charges it up again. I do this while driving. Make the tapping more powerful by smiling and sending love to your thymus at the same time.

3) Maybe you’re so stressed out you don’t feel like smiling? Try Smile into Your Distress, a 15-minute guided MP3 audio program to help you smile while transforming your stress into a mighty fuel to power your life and health.

4) Use your voice to charge up your body’s defenses. Ancient Taoism recognizes 6 Healing Sounds that vibrate inside healthy organs and glands. The sound for strengthening your lungs, the organ most vulnerable to Coronavirus is ssssss. While you exhale the sssss sound breathe out sadness and grief while breathing in courage. Strengthen your thymus and spleen with the whoooo sound. It’s the same sound Darth Vader makes when he’s breathing with his headgear. While exhaling breathe our worry and anxiety while breathing in balance, harmony and the sweetness of life. It can only help.

Watch yourself and your loved ones for the signs and symptoms of Coronavirus. This list comes from WebMD.

I Imagine you vibrant and healthy getting all those things done that you never seem to have the time to do in your normal workaday world.

Yours in health,

Dr. Linda

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