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Discover how to protect yourself against the bad in your environment Webinar with Dr. Linda Berry

Albert Einstein said, “Future medicine is the medicine of frequency.” Are you concerned like I am about the increasing amount of toxins in our environment from chemicals and electronic devices? If not, it’s something to look at as a contributor or direct cause of what is troubling your health and well-being. Even though you’re taking good care of yourself you may not experience the level of health you want and deserve. The ever increasing environmental burden you are exposed to every day may be the cause. These are things you can’t even see or feel except for their negative affect on your body mind and spirit. If you missed my frequency wellness webinar you can check out the recording right here. In my quest to eliminate your suffering and elevate your well-being I have added a new horizon of wellness to my practice, Centropix frequency wellness devices. In this webinar you will discover how to protect yourself against the bad in your environment while activating your molecules with energy and resilience.

You will hear about the worlds smallest, wearable, active e-smog protective device called the Bubble that also increases your energy and ability to relax plus more. The Cocoon is a frequency wellness device you can use in your home or office to spread the well-being 40 feet in every direction. It’s good for your pets and plants too. And finally, the Kloud, that offers five different 15 minute programs;

  1. Relax

  2. Balance

  3. Energize

  4. Synchronize

  5. Transform

Of course for me to be involved there is scientific proof of safety and effectiveness for all three devices. And I have personal proof from using them with great results as they have become available over the past year. Click here to listen to recording

As always, here’s to your best health! Dr. Linda P.S Your newsletters will soon be coming from my website, here's the email address it will be coming from please add this to your contact list so there is no interruptions in receiving them.

FUN FACT Humans perceive those waves as sound, and other animals perceive it in a different way. For example scorpions, snakes and other types of animals experience those sound waves through special hair on their body, through their tongues or other organs, and it probably doesn’t seem quite like what we know of as “sound” to them.

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