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B Vitamins Beat Stress

You've heard it a million times by now..."In these stressful times..."

Well, here is an interesting tidbit to digest. When you are stressed out, your cells gobble up B Vitamins like there is no tomorrow.

The best sources of B Vitamins, especially B12, are animal products (meat, poultry, dairy, eggs) and yeast extracts (brewer's yeast, marmite.) Vegans beware! If you are not eating live culture food frequently, you must supplement with B12.

  • Too tired? - B Complex Vitamins move the machinery that creates energy

  • Can't sleep at night? - B12 may be lacking (Don't take B Vitamins after 3pm)

  • Problems with digestion? - B1 may be able to fix that

  • Depressed? - Biotin in the B Complex may be deficient

  • Joint Pains? - B6 helps put out the fire of inflammation

  • Cracks in the corners of your mouth? - B2 could be deficient

Here are some guidelines to follow when taking B Vitamins:

  • If you take a single B Vitamin like B6, always take a B Complex too.

  • B Vitamin formulas often include Vitamin C and Zinc since those get gobbled up with stress too.

  • It's not a good idea to take B vitamins later than 3 PM because they might keep you awake when you want to go to sleep.

  • Nordic Naturals brand Vitamin B Complex is the one I use. If you have chemical and food sensitivities, you probably have genetically broken metabolic pathways like I do. That means you need the activated forms of B vitamins to work in your body. These B vitamins don't need to be metabolized to the active forms that do the job. They're ready to go into action and make you feel your best.

  • Some people prefer liquids so I added a liquid spray that you can carry with you and use until 3 pm to keep you going throughout your day.

If you would like to try some B Vitamins, I have put together a "favorites" list on my dispensary page. Simply visit the page and select the B Vitamin list in my favorites. All of my clients get 10% off plus free shipping over $50. My B Vitamin "favorites:"

  • Vitamin B Complex by Nordic Naturals

  • Liposomal B Complex Sublingual by Nutrasal (PhosChol)

  • Ultra B Complex by Douglas Labs

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