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Are Your Supplements Safe?

You’ve heard the expression, “You get what you pay for”. It’s great to save money but with nutritional supplements you may be getting toxins from inexpensive supplements with little of the ingredients you’re hoping will make and keep you healthy.

To ensure you and your family receive the best supplements for the best price including a 10% discount and free shipping over $50 click I recommend ordering from

Here are 7 reasons why I recommend specific nutritional supplements and supplement sources.

1. I’ve researched the quality of supplements that I recommend.

  • The supplements I recommend are generally better than those available from Amazon, Costco or health food stores.

  • Specific quality assurance tests have been performed on the nutritional supplements I recommend.

  • The information to the public usually given about a supplement is marketing from the manufacturer and may not be reliable.

  • Each of the companies I use supply the research behind their products.

2. The combination of ingredients in the supplements that I recommend are supported by scientific studies and clinical experience.

  • Think of them as ingredients in a recipe designed specifically for you.

3. The supplements we recommend are produced from the very finest ingredients and are of pharmaceutical grade.

  • The manufacturing and the quality control is just as important as the ingredients.

  • The companies I recommend provide quality assays and subscribe to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines which is the quality standard in the supplement industry.

4. What if my doctor says there is no evidence to support nutrition and vitamin supplements?

  • There are thousands of scientific studies that support the preventive and therapeutic benefits of literally hundreds of nutrients. Your doctor may not have studied nutrition in medical school nor have the time to do the research.

  • There is a search engine available to provide evidence of nutrition and nutritional research. Just log on to or Google Scholar. If the research is too technical, ask for my help to make sense of it all.

5. The supplements that I recommend are more cost effective.

  • Less expensive supplements are always available if you look hard enough. But it’s incorrect to think that cheaper supplements are identical in quality to higher priced supplements.

  • The cheaper the raw material the lower the quality of the herb or nutrient. The lower quality source may not provide the expected result.

  • The form of the herb, especially if it meets scientific research requirements, significantly increases the therapeutic result. In addition, certain herbs must only be from certain regions of the world and picked at certain times for it to provide a therapeutic effect.

  • In most cases, many of the recommended supplements contain synergistic combinations of nutrients in appropriate doses that offer a more cost effective solution than purchasing each ingredient separately.

6. If the supplement company cannot guarantee the quality of the ingredients, the nutrients may contain contaminants such as heavy metals (e.g. lead in the calcium, mercury in the fish), medications, or harmful chemicals.

  • This results from the lack of testing of the raw materials.

  • The stated doses of the ingredients listed on the label may not be included in the supplement. By FDA guidelines, forty percent of the product may be fillers.

  • For example, if the label states 500 mg. of Vitamin C per capsule, then each capsule should contain that amount of Vitamin C. But, if the product is of low quality, it only has to contain300 mg. of Vitamin C with 200 mg. of fillers.

  • All of the supplements I recommend provide 100% of the stated dose of nutrients.

7. There is a vast difference between “food grade” supplements and pharmaceutical grade supplements.

  • Food grade: Uses low quality ingredients and a great many fillers and excipients.

  • The fillers may be derived from petroleum products, chemical dyes, coal tar, talc (aluminum silicate) and other industrial chemicals.

  • Does not necessarily test raw materials for contaminants.

  • Does not guarantee 100% potency.

  • Pharmaceutical grade: Follows GMP guidelines for potency, testing of raw materials, binders and fillers that are innocuous and inert, and guarantees 100% potency.

  • Your pharmaceutical grade supplement should have only a few binders and fillers along with the active ingredients.

  • There should be no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives nor major allergens such as gluten, wheat, dairy, and yeast.

  • Taking a poor quality supplement is worse than taking none at all!

WOW! I’m impressed … you made it all the way to the end of this article. You’re committed! To be a hero to yourself and your family, be sure you receive the best quality supplements for the best price including a 10% discount and free shipping over $50 by visiting my online dispensary.

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