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Are your beauty products safe?

Dear reader ‘Tis the season for holiday parties when you may choose to dress up and wear make-up. Researchers say that the average North American woman uses more than 100 products on her skin. And men use less than 100. But are they safe? Do you know that the responsibility for deciding whether products are safe for human use is up to the company that makes them? Since their best interest is served by selling their products that’s not an objective viewpoint. Fortunately, you do have a watchdog who looks out for your best interest. They are EWG, the Environmental Working Group. Please take a look at their safe cosmetics article below to avoid using cosmetics with health risks.

Welcome to the EWG Community! Are you concerned about toxic chemicals that might be lurking in the products you and your family use every day? EWG IS HERE TO HELP! To help you get started, here are five quick things you can do right now to protect yourself and your loved ones from questionable chemicals in personal care products. Step 1 DOWNLOAD EWG'S QUICK TIPS FOR CHOOSING SAFER PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS Confused about the ingredients in your personal care products? This guide is chock-full of tips on how to read product labels and shop smarter. Step 2 GET EWG'S HEALTHY LIVING APP EWG’s FREE Healthy Living app gives you instant access to EWG’s trusted ratings of more than 120,000 food and personal care products. Just scan a product, review its rating and pick the better choice. Healthy living just got that easy. Step 3 LOOK FOR THE EWG VERIFIED™ MARK When you see the EWG VERIFIED™ mark on a product, you can be sure it’s free from EWG's chemicals of concern and meets our strictest standards for your health. Step 4 FIGHT FOR #BEAUTYMADEBETTER! Chemicals like formaldehyde, asbestos and lead have no place in our personal care products. We need to reform our cosmetics regulations. Tell Washington: It's time to do your job. Step 5 TAKE EWG'S COSMETICS SAFETY SURVEY Help us set our priorities by taking our two-minute survey. As always... Here's to your best health! Dr. Linda

Dr. Linda Berry Healing Arts Chiropractic Nutrition Trauma Healing Please note: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical care. Always consult with your healthcare provider for advice before you begin taking new supplements. You are responsible for all of the health choices you make.

FUN FACT More women began to shave their underarm hair after seeing a model with shaved armpits in a fashion ad in 1915.

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