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A Superhero Takes On Dupont

I confess I’m a superhero groupie! The Hulk, actor Mark Ruffalo, will be appearing in a new movie, Dark Waters, in the roll of the attorney, Robert Bilott, who, like David against Goliath, stood up against DuPont for knowingly poisoning the public - US! - with their toxic chemicals.

Recently, at a local event, I got to sit about 5’ from Mark while he and Robert talked about the book and upcoming movie. Better yet... when he was leaving the talk he stood right in front of me. I got to smile glowingly and say hello. And he smiled glowingly and said hi back! I felt like a teenager. That will be a memory to treasure.

This movie is important and Robert Bilott's work is worth knowing about. It was his work in Parkersburg, W.V., that revealed DuPont had been contaminating the drinking water of tens of thousands of people with PFOA, a chemical formerly used to make Teflon, near a DuPont plant.

Rob’s work led to revelations that PFAS chemicals pollute the blood of virtually all Americans.

Rob is still fighting to stop the spread of PFAS pollution and hold companies like DuPont and 3M accountable.

To learn more about PFAS chemicals, check out the EWG's (Environmental Working Group) PFAS info page and let your congressional representatives know you want these chemicals better regulated. Also, check out Rob's book, Exposure, which is the basis for the movie.

Here are a couple of pictures I was able to take from the recent event I attended.

Mark Ruffalo, actor

Robert Bilott, author

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