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Use these videos to wake-up a tired brain and/or body. In just 1-3 minutes you have the power to ward off whatever’s bothering you and to get your next best idea! Create the life of your dreams with these simple but powerful exercises!

Not all of us have the same capabilities so modify them as you need for your body. Over time you’ll find your favorites and in an instant you’ll be able to transform grumpy :-[ to GREAT :-D!!

You’ve got the POWER!

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smpic-1Paul Bragg, a nutritionist, was a pioneer in America’s wellness movement. He died at the age of 81 in a surfing accident.

smpic-3Linus Pauling, one of the most important scientists of the 20th century, wrote papers and appeared at 4 scientific conferences a year until his death
smpic-2Jack LaLanne, chiropractor, fitness expert, television host, inventor, and entrepreneur sometimes called “the godfather of fitness” performed his daily workout routine up until the day before his death at 96.

With blessings for radiant well-being … Dr Linda