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Sounds that Heal and Prevent Sickness

This practice is a simple yet powerful tool to promote physical, energetic and emotional healing and balance. 

Daily practice of the Six Healing Sounds can restore and maintain calmness and good health. Greater sexual pleasure and improved digestion will occur.

Each sound cultivates different positive energy and provides healing of a specific organ.

To enhance the benefits, each sound is associated with a special healing color, positive emotion and body position helping to open and restore energy flow in a respective organ meridian (energy pathway).


Minor ailments, such as colds, flu, and sore throats, can be prevented or thrown off easily, especially if you will regularly practice the Lung Sound “Sssss” that Master Mantak Chia is demonstrating in this video.

Once the movements, sounds and emotions have been integrated into your practice, you can make the Six Healing Sounds even more powerful.

For example, when you are settled into the Lung sound and you are breathing in white healing light, feel your mid-eyebrow wide open, and connect with the Universe to cleanse and revitalize your lungs and large intestine.

With this simple practice, many students of the Healing Tao have overcome their long-standing dependence on sleeping pills, tranquilizers, aspirin, and antacids. If you are taking one of those, pay attention to this practice. Watch video below


If you want to study more about this with Dr Linda you can book here.

You can also study online or on-site in Thailand, for more details

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