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Lab tests you might consider with your doctors are those for inflammation. Fibrinogen, High Sensitivity C Reactive Protein, Insulin, and Sedimentation rate are all tests appropriate to your condition. I don’t know that you will want to follow the recommendations of the arthritis specialist you may see. Their course of action is to recommend medications that poison your heart, liver and kidneys as well as irritate your GI tract which is already in trouble. Recently three major drugs prescribed by MD’s: Alleve, Viox and Celebrex have been implicated in causing heart disease in patients taking them.

Without direct doctor to patient contact with you, the best I can do is to recommend you read my book Internal Cleansing  or invite you to contact me for a Free Consult regarding your health concerns or call 415-847-3755. There are over 300 pages of useful information in my book to help you. The cost is only $16.99 and it is available at and other bookstores.

Q: ”For some time now I’ve been dealing with constipation, bloating, discomfort, problems with lack of belching, and stiff neck. At the same time a year ago I started to really work out running, lifting nothing major, but a strong pain in my lower back arose. It was not a certain lift or anything, but my abdominal pain got worse like spasm because of the bloating… the little pain in my back in now in my neck upper back and heels. I have not worked out since April this year. So I’ve had enough time to recover but it still hurts a lot. I’ve seen a chiropractor, orthopedic doctor and a physical therapist. Now they’re sending me to an arthritis specialist. They can’t seem to find the problem for the stiffness and pain. I’ve done MRI and x-rays. I have also seen a Gastrologist for my stomach. He fails to run any tests on me..just gives stuff like Miralax and nulev for the pain… but I’ve seen in an article you wrote about the back pain and constipation… do you know what could be wrong with me. My chiropractor thinks that it’s also toxins in my body, but the other doctors do not agree… PLEASE HELP ME! Between the back, neck, upper back, heel pain, bloating, constipation… life is getting hard!!!!”

A: You have a complicated set of symptoms. Questions like how many bowel movements a day do you have, how much water do you drink, what is your diet like, what are your sleep patterns like, etc.? all come to mind.

Q: "How long does it take for a torn meniscus to heal on its own? "


A: That's a good question. It depends on how often it's re-injured. If it is re-injured a lot it will never heal on its own. I saw some research that says that doing exercises and getting care for the knee from a physical therapist or chiropractor who works on you was better than getting surgery. But you have to go to somebody who knows how to work with knees to get those good results. Just doing nothing, it may never heal.

Q: ''I am a 38-year-old male. I want to know if a chiropractor can help a dislocated rib?"


A: That depends how badly it is dislocated. I've helped many people how have had rib subluxations, generally those patients feel pain when they take a deep breath in and after the adjustment they can breathe easily again. But if the bone is severely dislocated, you may need to go to the emergency room to get that fixed immediately or consult with an orthopedic doctor.


Q: "I am a 17-year-old female and I have scoliosis. Does swimming help scoliosis?"

A: In order to minimize stress from scoliosis, it's wise to stay in good shape. Swimming is a great exercise. I would encourage you to vary the types of strokes you do to strengthen all your muscle groups. When I swim, I do all of them that I now exist: the crawl, side stroke, back stroke, breast stroke, and butterfly, because that's the best way to strengthen different muscle groups. I also encourage you to do weight bearing exercise in order to keep your bones strong and healthy. Thanks for your inquiry.


Q: "I am a 35-year-old female. I want to know how do you pop your middle back?"


A: Good question. When I stretch I often get pops. Don't stretch in any direction that causes pain. You could also try putting two tennis balls in a sock and putting them up the part of your spine that hurts while lying down on your back with your knees bent. Then you can push on your feet to push your spine against the balls and you may get your desired effect. 

 P.S. May I suggest you visit your local chiropractor? They probably do a better job at it :)

Q: ''Can chiropractors help with ankle dislocation?''

A: Oach! Sorry to hear about your troubles. If your ankle is fully dislocated probably best to see an emergency room doctor or orthopedist. After you get it back into place from fully dislocated, chiropractic care will definitely be recommended to help restore join integrity and muscular balance.  

Q: ''How long does a pinched nerve in the neck last?''

A: For the rest of your life unless you get it fixed. And fix the reasons that you got it. Want to talk to be about it, here is a link
If you prefer to see a chiropractor near you check out these sites CCa 
P.S. Good luck with that. If you don't take care of the problem it can lead to nerve damage, that could affect the use of your arm and hand or internal organs and glands. 

Q: ''Can massage make a pinched nerve worse?''

A: Yes, that is my experience. May I suggest you find a good local chiropractor

Q: ''How do I relieve tension at the base of my skull?''

A: Yes, try the nodding exercise. Tuck your chin slightly, cast your eyes down at a 45-degree angle, and gently nod your chin towards your chest. 

Q: ''How long does it take to fix bad posture?''

A: Good question, One patient I suggested she lead with her heart and that immediately improved her posture. Other patients I teach a series of exercises with a styrofoam roll to improve posture, and that can take a couple of weeks to months, depending how frequently they do the exercises I taught them. And for others, it's related to their attitude. If they don't want to engage with the work their posture may never improve.

Q: ''Which shoulder is higher in scoliosis?''

A: That depends which side your shoulder is bending you towards, if you have a slight curve in your rib cage area, that has a concavity of the left side of your shoulder it will mean it's the right for instance. If the curve goes the other way, your other shoulder will be higher.

Q: ''What problems can scoliosis cause?''

A: Many, especially as you get older, primary danger is compression of the lungs and heart. But because of the spinal imbalance of scoliosis there are extra strains on the muscles and joints.  So lifelong bodywork is probably necessary. I encourage you to see a chiropractor that does muscles work as well as adjusting the spine.